11  Questions to ask when selecting  a Dance School for your child

The school chosen places a very important part in the child’s progress, continuity and well being.

1 – Does the school have a licence for informal education and an SLC number?

Licences and SLC numbers are given to a school upon checking various issues. The premises must be certified by an engineer. The studio must be equipped with safety measures such as smoke detectors, alarms, emergency lights and laminated mirrors and doors.  A request in court must be presented for each member of staff, to check if the adult can work with minors.

The SLC number grants to the parent 100 euro tax deduction annually.

2 – Is the dance area free from hazards?

Check out for any furniture or other materials in the dance area, which can make the child topple. The floor must be adequate for dancing and free from hazards.

3-  How is Training delivered?  Does the school follow a syllabus?

Ideally the system must follow a worldwide recognized syllabus so that switching schools becomes easy even from one country to another. Moreover, affiliation to an international society brings about loads of opportunities for the students such as scholarships and further studying abroad.

It is also a good thing to question how are flexibility exercises executed and if supervised by qualified professionals so as not to allow the students to be injured.

The classes must follow a lesson plan as this makes class delivering much more efficient, especially when the students are seen for just an hour.

4 – Does the school offer special help for children with conditions?

An international examining body should consider reasonable adjustments and special considerations when it comes to exams, always subject to proof from doctors. Upon knowledge of a condition the teachers must be qualified enough to alter the teaching methods.

5 – How are the children divided – how large is the group in a class?

The number of children in a class will determine the individual attention the child will benefit from. The ideal number is 6 to 8 children in an hour class.

6-  How frequent are the shows and the rehearsals?

The parent must check how many times, the child need to present herself for shows and rehearsals. There are schools that present dances frequently whilst others just do an annual show once every two years.  The level of commitment required must be known beforehand.

7 – Does the school take part in Festivals?

Not everyone like competitions especially when the children are very young. Checking out about festival participation will help prepare the child psychological.  Schools taking part in festivals require great dancers with great talent and many times choose the best out of the troupe to compete.

8 – Is the school far away?

The parent must keep in mind that going to and fro the school frequently and during traffic times can be quite distressing if this is done 3 to 4 times a week. The school chosen must be close to the residence if this is possible.

9 – What is the fee price, the uniform price and costume pricing on average?

Apart from the fee price, checking the price of costumes and uniform is suggested.

10-  Is the school dependent only on one teacher?

Depending on just one teacher is a bit risky as if the teacher stops then there will be a time gap until a new one is hired. Preferably there should be like a team of teachers that replace eachother if needs be.

11-What policies does the school operate in terms of outside opportunities?

It is vital for the students progress to be given the opportunities to attend master classes, dance camps and mix up with other children in the dance world – even if such classes are organized by other schools.

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11 questions to ask when selecting a dance school for your child
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