On the occasion of their

tenth anniversary, Mandy’s Dance Academy, under the direction of Mandy Pellicano together with Waterfall Dancers, produced the famous Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet.

This production of Romeo and Juliet was a revolution in theatre composing classical ballet, hiphop, song and drama with the best in theatrical virtuosity. This well known and loved story of true love which blossoms amidst conflict between two families whose bitter fight was unsolvable brought to us in a modern setting.

The choreography was a combination of two minds. Ian Mackenzie Stewart A.B.B.O. a premier dancer and world acclaimed choreographer has together with Peter Ray Portelli a captivating production which will enthrall young and old audiences. The idea to expose the dance talent that Malta has was long overdue, so to see this was an expression that has long been awaited.

Mr Stewart has brought in the talent of Emma Lister, a ballerina of world wide repute to play the role of Juliet. Former Dancer from The English National Ballet , Ballet Winnapeg Canada and the English Youth Ballet, Ms Lister was captivating in her role.
Another principal dancer is Marley Lagana, who performed the part of Romeo. He holds the national champion title of hip-hop for the past five years. He has taken in this role which has traditionally been danced by only the highest standard of classical dancers and he has proved to be excellent in this task. The partnership between Marley and Lister was electrifying and at the same time heart warming. This was a combination of technical brilliance and beautifully honest acting.
The production was directed by Mr Joseph Camilleri (Zep).  Mr Dominic Cini was responsible for the music arrangements. Ms Ina Robinich, a well renowed local singer, played the part of the nurse.

The production was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the British Ballet Organization.

This was a show of the highest caliber and something that made audiences and critics alike talk about for a long time after the event.

“Romeo, Romeo where for art thow?

Here in Malta, Not to be missed”


Romeo And Juliet

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