5 Reasons why signing up your child for Dance Classes

Many parents decide to enrol their child into dance classes for various reasons –could be they were dancers themselves or they have observed the child dancing around the house and decided to enrol her.
Teaching dance to children and giving them the possibility to dance in a studied structured manner is very beneficial.

1. Great for Fitness and General Health
Dancing involves moving around, turning, jumping and loads of physical activities. Parts of the body which are not normally used in every day life are enhanced in dancing. It increases flexibility , muscle tone and improves physical strength and stamina. Dancing improves posture especially in ballet classes where alignment is given alot of importance.

2 Improves Balance and Co-ordination
No other form of activity can aid co-ordination and balance more than dancing. Dancing in a structured manner is all about combining the brain and body whereby the person is totally focused in order to be able to execute the exercise. Moreover, the young person starts to learn to co-ordinate movement much better and faster than a person who does not dance.

3 Enhances Well-being
It is not the first time we heard the phrase “Dance is my Passion”
It has been observed that dancing does make people happier. Movement provides a sense of well- being as the brain releases endorphins.

4 Social Belongingness
The dance school provides a niche of friends as well as social interaction much more than any other social group. Dancers must be together to dance together. They must know eachother and just with a look understand their peers. Group dancing teaches them how to work in a group and respect eachother.

5 Qualifications and Opportunities
By enrolling to a right school, preferably that is affiliated with foreign authority, will eventually provide certification which are worldwide recognized. Authorities also provide ample opportunities such as scholarships and events to meet up with international students and help gifted students to advance.

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5 Reasons to sign up your child to Dance Classes
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