Sweet as candy was organized by a group of three dance entities: Mandy Dance Academy, Moveo Dance Company and the Waterfall Dancers. The Dance Spectacular, Sweet as Candy, enabled three local major dance groups to join forces whereby the arts of street dance, classical ballet and contemporary dance interacted and formed one show case.

Sweet as Candy, was divided into three parts. The first part was staged by Mandy Dance Academy. About 80 Young artists from the age of 5 up to early twenties danced to various soundtracks from musicals – Willy Wonka, Mary Poppins and Citty Citty Band Bang. During this section the stage had candy props as well as kept colourful and bright with lights and projected images. This section was loveable by children.

The second section was created by Moveo Dance Company directed by Dorian Mallia, he took this creation on a less conventional manner, where candies and sweets were stretched and distorted to a different proportion. The dancers embodied a different created character and dissolved in stretched fabrics and materials.

The last event was produced by Waterfall Street dancers and  started out with a little 8 year old girl advancing to her early 30’s. A numerous amount of props were used, showing the artistic side of street dance.



Sweet As Candy

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