Hip-Hop/Commercial/Jazz mix classes

Our Hip-Hop/Commercial dance classes cater to kids,pre-teens and youths, offering an exciting and contemporary approach to dance. These classes focus on teaching the latest Hip-Hop and Commercial dance styles, incorporating a combination of street dance and urban choreography.

In our classes, kids, pre-teens and youths can expect to:
Learn the latest dance trends: We keep our classes up-to-date with current dance styles and popular choreography, ensuring that students stay connected to the latest trends in the world of Hip-Hop and Commercial dance.

Develop rhythm and coordination:
Students will work on their sense of rhythm, coordination, and body awareness, all while having a great time dancing.

Boost self-confidence:
Our classes provide a safe and supportive environment for pre-teens and youths to build self-esteem and self-expression through dance.

Enhance fitness and flexibility:
Dancing is an excellent way to stay active and healthy. Our classes will help students improve their fitness levels and flexibility.

Foster creativity and self-expression:
Hip-Hop and Commercial dance offer plenty of room for individual expression, encouraging students to explore their creativity and unique style.

Prepare for performances:
Depending on the program, students may have opportunities to showcase their skills in performances and competitions, gaining valuable stage experience.

Our goal is to inspire a love for dance and provide a platform for kids, pre-teens and youths to express themselves, stay active, and enjoy the art of Hip-Hop and Commercial dance.