Lyrical and contemporary classes

If you dance with your heart, your body will follow
Mia Michaels

Our popular Lyrical and Contemporary dance classes provide students with a beautiful fusion of dance styles that emphasize emotional expression, fluid movements, and storytelling through dance. These classes are suitable for dancers of various age groups and skill levels.

In our Lyrical and Contemporary classes, students can expect to:

Explore emotional expression:
Lyrical and Contemporary dance encourages dancers to connect with their emotions and express them through movement, allowing for a more profound and personal connection to the art form.

Develop strength and flexibility:
These styles often incorporate controlled, graceful movements that help improve strength and flexibility while maintaining fluidity and control.

Enhance technique:
Students will work on dance fundamentals, including balance, body alignment, and control, which are essential for Lyrical and Contemporary dance.

Foster creativity:
These dance forms often incorporate improvisation and choreography that encourage dancers to develop their unique artistic voices.

Expand movement vocabulary:
Lyrical and Contemporary dance allows students to explore a wide range of movements, from intricate floor work to dynamic lifts and jumps.

Prepare for performances:
Depending on the program, students may have opportunities to perform lyrical and contemporary routines, either in recitals or competitions.

Our Lyrical and Contemporary dance classes aim to inspire artistic expression, encourage creativity, and provide a space for students to connect deeply with the beauty of dance through emotionally charged and captivating movements.